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Bathroom Smart Mirror

Bathroom Smart Mirrors, provide a new way to connect and improve your bathroom time. Seamlessly incorporate your preferred Smart Technology into a custom bathroom vanity design with a broad suite of customization options.

Thanks to the smart technology and touch screen, your bathroom mirror no longer a piece of cold glass. It turns into an interactive partner for every single day. You can easily obtain all the IoT from a WiFi-connected touch screen monitor, also DIY all the smart apps you like.

Smart Hallway mirrors

Smart Hallway mirrors adopt a wireless internet protocol connection instead of hard wire. You can monitor cameras or security around the house, book the elevator, open the door remotely, play your favorite back-home music. Even you can use it as an electronic picture frame if you want to.

It transforms the traditional hallway mirror into family security, information, and entertainment Center.
Enjoy the smart hallway mirror/entryway mirrors, always keep your home safe and pleasant.

Workout Mirror

The workout mirror is the most popular fitness product nowadays. It integrates a  large screen, body-induction camera, and smart center. Vercon workout mirrors can help you achieve system fitness activities through online courses. Even if you are training alone, you will never feel boring.

The smart workout mirrors fully record your training data to provide reasonable suggestions to improve. You can even invite family members to join in and enjoy a pleasant home time.
Training yourself anytime anywhere as you like.

Vercon smart mirrors, including smart bathroom mirror, led mirror, workout mirror or smart touch screen mirror, entryway smart mirrors. Every Vercon mirror smart product always strives for quality, material durability, design, individuality, and know-how. From the furniture or home decoration industry to the high-tech smart touch mirror products.

  • Touch screen smart mirrors enable the vanity mirror to an interactive screen. Displays the time, weather, calendar, traffic, latest news, and social media updates...
  • Listen to the latest Spotify music, watch Youtube, EPSN, Netflix, CNN...
  • Manage your health or improve your skin by connecting smart scales or skin detector...
  • DIY the smart apps you prefer to, install your apps from stores.
  • Control your smart mirror and monitor screens.
  • Support complete English, Spanish...languages.
  • CE/FCC/Rohs/ISO certified 

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The Smart Mirrors Application Area

Residential Smart Mirrors

The Residential Smart Mirrors' demand is quiet compared with other fields. However, we strongly feel the booming demand for residential mirrors upgrades.

If we look back at the development of smart TV or smartphone, we can clearly see the development trending of smart mirrors. The Internet and Smart features will replace the traditional mirrors absolutely.

The residential Smart Mirrors is a blue ocean, we estimate the smart mirror will be as popular as smart devices in the short coming seasons.

Commercial Smart Mirrors

Commercial smart mirrors including real estate and smart hotel demands.

they are the earliest industries of smart bathroom mirror applied. We have been supplying hundreds of smart condos and smart hotel projects already. Including the luxury smart hotels in Dubai, Vegas, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo...

The Smart Mirror hotel or condos is a very fashionable or cutting-edge technology mirror. It brings supreme branding effects to our partners.

As a differentiated product, smart bathroom mirror constantly helps customers improve their brand image and loyalty。

Hospitality Mirrors

This is the result of an extension of the traditional market. The new smart mirror is not just for people to look at the mirror or make-up.

The new type of hospitality mirror, we must introduce the new smart workout mirror. One of the greatest acquisitions this year, LuluLemon merged with by 500 million dollars. This explosive news also revealed that is a high-speed growing industry.

In the makeup mirror field, smart makeup mirrors leading the new type of mirror business. HiMirror is the best representative company.

From the 2010s, We have been witnessing all kinds of mirrors appear in our view, but the smart is always an unchangeable theme.

Our Smart Mirror Projects

Real Estate Smart mirror projectClifford Group smart apartment projects 

Vercon smart led mirror is the best one we ever cooperated with. their reliable quality surprised us. in the past 3 years, our smart hub mirrors return rate below 0.3%, that's an incredible quality product!
Today the property industry drops as the Covid-19 crisis, we have to find our more smart home mirrors or devices to attract our customers, especially young customers. Vercon led a smart lighting mirror to perfectly meet our request for bathroom mirrors.
Recently we have extended our home mirror products with Vercon to the smart hallway mirror, or smart entryway mirror, which is different from our current mirror suppliers, it's all touch control and even voice control hallway mirror. it's a wonderful mirror screen.

Fourseason Hotel smart mirror project

Four seasons Guangzhou - smart hotel

Four season hotel stands the highest and leading accommodation in Guangzhou and all round the world. The latest smart hotel monitor product from Vercon Technology makes us different from any other smart hotel ever in China. 
While our customer check-in to the hotel, the information will be displayed in the mirror of the bathroom. The new hostility draws our customers back from a trip home.
Customers can order room service from the bathroom screen, enjoy all the internet funs while they have shower or teeth brushing, music, video, TV... everything displays on the bathroom glass mirror.
Customer can leave their message on the hotel smart platform mirror, we used to receive it from paper and tips, now it's all on the hotel screens, an easy and efficient mirror.

Grandmall shopping smart mirror project
The Smart Grand mall with smart displays

As the leading shopping mall in Guangzhou China, Grand Mall has over 420 thousand square meters, the top 10 shopping malls in the world, the AAAA tourist place in Guangzhou. It has a shopping, 3D movie, music center... stands for the best shopping place in civil cities.
By adopting Vercon smart display mirrors, Grand mall allows customers easy to find out where they are, and the route to their destination, you can easily find out everything on the information smart screen, instead of looking for the reception and waiting in the queue.
Saving our human staff cost and also improved the shopping experience, the shopping smart screens installed in every 20 meters of the stores, displays all the stores, restaurants, promotion plans, and other information on touch or no touch screens, makes your shopping so easy.
Grand Mall becomes an interactive shopping center, keep attract a different group of people to visit our mall, shopping at our mall, thanks to Vercon smart touch mirrors.

The MBL project in Dubai -MAG Group

MAG Group is one of the largest property corporations in the region, maintaining a highly prominent position of leadership among its peers, across the real estate, contracting, engineering, industrial and commercial trading, freight services, and hospitality sectors. Today MAG Lifestyle Development’s interests range from lead affordable housing initiatives and high-end luxury developments to bringing wellness-focused living to the UAE.

MBL Residence projects have adopted different size smart mirrors, to suit different sizes of condos. 

We are very honored to assist the MAG group to achieve this Epoch-making Luxury project in the Middle East. 

We predict that the demand for smart mirrors in the global market will come in an all-round way. We will continue to support our partners to create better industrial artworks.

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