How to make an interactive wifi connection smart mirror

How to make an interactive wifi connection smart mirror

an interactive mirror will response to your commands

The mirror is a kind of smooth surface. At first, the ancients used polished bronze as a mirror and had the ability to reflect light. There are two types of mirrors: plane mirror and curved mirror. A plane mirror is often used to organize appearance.

A curved mirror can be divided into a concave mirror and a convex mirror. It is mainly used as a dressing mirror, furniture accessories, architectural decoration parts. Optical instrument parts, solar cooker, reflector of lamp and searchlight, reflecting telescope, automobile rearview mirror, etc.

With the progress of technology, the cost of mirrors is reduced, and the appearance of various curved mirrors. Makes the use of mirrors more and more widely and has more uses besides the appearance of the mirror. For example, the spherical rear-view paraboloid mirror used in automobiles. The paraboloid mirror used for gathering in the telescope and reflecting parallel light in searchlight, etc.

At present, the smart mirror used in our country after a long time of use. The surface is easy to be contaminated. Causing the mirror is not clear, seriously reducing the use effect of the mirror.

Now we are trying to make an interactive and WiFi-connected smart mirror to resolve the above problems.

Interactive Smart Mirror summary

The invention discloses an interactive intelligent mirror, which includes a wooden mirror frame. A bottom storage cabinet, an information storage card, an electrical control box. A cleanliness sensor, a small pressure pump, and a cleaning solution placing box.

The cleanliness sensor is installed above the high-energy lithium battery. The small pressure pump is installed above the cleanliness sensor. While the small pressure pump is installed above the small pressure pump.

The cleaning solution placing box is provided with a mirror body under the cleaning solution placing box. A thermal sensor is installed under the mirror body, a camera is installed under the thermal sensor. The LED lamp is installed above the wooden mirror frame. A cleaning liquid nozzle is installed on one side of the LED lamp.

The beneficial effect is: it can recognize the user of the ground hole, has a high degree of intelligence. It can automatically clean the surface of the mirror, so it is convenient to use.

Interactive smart mirror WiFi connection functions

A smart mirror is equivalent to an interactive intelligent display, which combines the Android operating system and smart home together.

An intelligent magic mirror creates a healthy and intelligent personalized bathroom space. It has a waterproof and intimate design in use. The mirror IP68 waterproof grade and the electronic mirror panel with optical treatment have various installation methods. No matter wall mounted installation or embedded installation can be used.

Just say what you want, the smart mirror will make corresponding instructions to manage the smart device in your home. Let it broadcast the weather, road information, schedule, and so on for you.

DIY interactive smart mirror parts

The utility model comprises a wooden mirror frame (1), a bottom storage cabinet (2).

An information storage card (3). An electrical control box (4). A cleanliness sensor (6). A small pressure pump (7), and a cleaning liquid placing box (8). The bottom storage cabinet (2) is arranged above the wooden mirror frame (1). And the information storage card (3) is arranged above the bottom storage cabinet (2). And the information storage card (3) is arranged above the bottom storage cabinet (2). The electric control unit is arranged above the card (3)

To Make an interactive smart mirror with a WiFi connection

The magic mirror is a popular project. The software part is just like a magic mirror project on GitHub. There are many plug-ins and modules that can be DIY. The magic mirror is not easy to make, mostly in the hardware, but in the hardware, I think the shell is not easy to handle.

Most people do DIY magic mirror is relatively thick, no matter at home and abroad. So try to reduce its thickness when making. Don’t be greedy about the size of the mirror, because it means power consumption and heating.

The thickness may not be guaranteed. If you can’t make it well, it will take up space. So choose a 13-inch size which is more exquisite. The 13 inches second-hand LCD screen is also cheap, which is about 100 pieces.

It is suggested that we should not choose an iron frame because the iron frame is easy to deform after laser cutting and welding, which is not suitable for combination with an atomic mirror. In addition, the cost is also very high, which is about 500 pieces.

Most of the finished products are rough and hard to grind, and the WiFi signal strength will be affected by the iron shell. So if you can, you’d better choose wood shell or acrylic shell. Acrylic shell has the advantage of low processing cost, and the appearance will be very beautiful and bright after production. As for the 3D printing shell, the advantage is strong customization, but the printing layer pattern after printing will be a nightmare for burners.

I choose American spade wood chips to make because it should be thin and delicate, then the mirror frame can’t use big and thick wood square, so Taobao cleaned out 2 mM-3 mm thick American spade wood chips to cut and bond.

This thickness can ensure the strength, the second is good cutting, and the third is that the color of the wood will become more and more beautiful as time goes on.

Don’t think that the frame made in the following figure is not resistant to tossing, and the strength of the mirror after bonding will be very good.

Ergo5800 is recommended for bonding, and the effect is good. After bonding, it needs 600 to 1000 sandpaper for grinding. The smoother the grinding, the more beautiful it will be after the wood wax oil is applied. As for the reason why the edge wrapping is selected, the error of processing the atomic mirror in China is relatively large, so the adjustment allowance can be set aside, which is also a difficult place for a metal magic mirror.

The atomic mirror and wood frame are bonded with double-sided adhesive tape to prevent the atomic mirror from being replaced after damage.

The screen needs to use aluminum tape to seal the light leakage part. As for the reason why aluminum tape is used, it has good light shielding and thermal conductivity. Pay attention to the screen wiring, aluminum tape will make it a short circuit. The LCD screen is also bonded to the atomic mirror with double-sided adhesive. Before bonding, the dust on the surface of the atomic mirror and the screen must be cleaned, otherwise, the dust will always stay in their gaps, which is not beautiful.

In terms of circuit processing, zero is not recommended, because the thickness of Pi2 or PI3 is almost the same as zero after removing the pin and USB port network port, while zero has a very low performance, which is inconvenient for the expansion of various fork modules in the magic mirror in the later stage. Therefore, it is very difficult to remove the DB9 interface from the video driver board, Analog video port and pin, because these components are very large, will affect the thickness of the magic mirror, electrolytic capacitor needs to be inverted because it is a filter capacitor, we need to add thermoplastic tube on the pin to prevent its short circuit. The overall effect after treatment is as shown in the figure above. I use Hakko’s Tin gun for treatment. If it is hard to dismantle, it is easy for a novice to dismantle.

For the installation of the video drive board, a layer of the heat-resistant sticker should be pasted on the surface of aluminum foil, and then a layer of insulating tape should be pasted on it to prevent short circuits. Hot melt adhesive can be used for fixing. It is unnecessary to use reinforcement for fixing, because reinforcement will only increase the complexity of production, and the total power line must be slightly thicker. By the way, the second-hand Kenny peck wire strippers are really good, they’re not tiring to use.

How to connect the interactive smart Mirrors.

Between the video driver board and raspberry pie, the FPV special HDMI flexible cable is used. Compared with the ordinary HDMI cable, the two end connectors can be replaced with different specifications of the HDMI head. The cable is thin and the volume is very small. However, it should be noted that the cable and connector must be purchased from one company, otherwise, it may not be used due to the inconsistent wire sequence. In addition, the connector and the cable must be pressed tightly, otherwise, there will be video signal interference.

Here, the mirror backplate is made of pure black acrylic plate laser cutting. As for the backplate, it is not necessary to design a pattern, because you will not always want to see the pattern on the back of the mirror with this volume. Once the mirror is fixed for a long time, it will not move. Even if the wooden mirror is made, the overall weight is very heavy. The following is the effect of wood wax oil after making. To hit wood wax oil, you must use cloth, cloth, and cloth. It is said that three times is because the effect of applying wood wax oil is the best. Liquid wood wax oil must be used. Do not apply too much at one time!

Today, many people are doing a magic mirror, but how to make your own side and put it into practice is the so-called value and spirit of DIY.

Global Smart Mirror Reality

Global Smart Mirror Reality

Global Smart Mirror Reality
Global Smart Mirror Reality, that Demand has increased 200% in 2020, more and more families has adopted this product for the home decor.

According to a foreign research report on the application market of smart mirrors in homes, hotels, and retail stores, it is estimated that the global smart mirror market size will increase from $2.82 billion in 2018 to $4.42 billion in 2023, with an annual compound growth rate of 9.41% during this period.

It is reported smart mirror development projection that the rapid growth of the smart mirror market can be attributed to the growing demand for smart mirrors in the home decor industry and the transformation of the retail industry from traditional stores to digital stores. At present, there are a large number of start-ups in the smart mirror market, as well as many new functions and innovative functions of the smart mirror.

Smart Home Mirror dominate major markets

It is expected that smart home mirror will occupy a major share of the Smart Mirror Market in 2018. Smart mirror is widely used in residential and commercial projects. Intelligent rearview mirrors used in home automation applications include automatic dimming mirror and connecting mirror, with temperature display, Bluetooth and hands-free connection, touch screen, turn signal and microphone functions. As a result of these functions, the widespread use of automatic dimming mirror is the main factor affecting the largest share of smart home automation in the smart mirror market.

Global Smart Mirror Reality – Smart mirror Software applications will grow rapidly

Smart mirror Software applications are an important part of any smart mirror used in hotels and retail, healthcare and smart homes to display any information on the mirror screen. The information displayed varies according to the purpose of the mirror. It is expected that the highest growth in the application software market is mainly due to the massive adoption of AR based mirrors in the hotel and retail industries, and the advancement of functions such as 3D modeling, which may drive the rapid growth of the software market.

Global Smart Mirror Reality-Smart Mirror Global Demand Directions.

According to the Smart Mirror development Projection, smart mirror products can be divided into three categories: make-up mirror, bathroom mirror and fitting mirror. Smart bathroom mirror can be associated with smart home appliances and smart home integration center. Smart mirror can be installed with built-in make-up video software to provide people with knowledge of make-up and skin care. Fitting mirror allows people to avoid the tedious task of undressing and dressing.

Intelligent/smart bathroom mirror:

Smart bathroom mirrors with skin meter, blood glucose meter, blood pressure meter, weight scale, sleep and other intelligent functions to monitor human health index.

Smart makeup mirror:

AR’s zero cost makeup trial, we can effectively according to different user types (age, skin color, occupation, face shape, facial features, commonly used cosmetics combination, etc.).

Smart fitting mirror:

body feeling technology makes fitting easier. Standing in front of the mirror, you can change clothes in one second. At the same time, many kinds of clothes are built in for you to choose from. This is a major feature of the future clothing store.

Smart bathroom Mirror introduction

Smart Mirror refers to an intelligent terminal device that can run applications, has an independent app store, supports voice recognition, gesture recognition, multi touch and other interactive modes, and can provide rich functions for multiple users. When the smart mirror is awakened, it becomes an intelligent Mutual Aid Center, which can be a small assistant for users to live and work. The monitor of household smart mirror can display daily weather, hot news, road information, schedule, dressing index, health management, etc.

At present, there are many conceptual products in the smart mirror market, and some attempts have been made in the fields of home life, hotel, medical treatment, clothing, beauty and so on. However, the smart home system has not been widely popularized, and the market of Smart Mirror in many fields has not been fully opened. At the present stage, the development of smart mirror faces two major problems: one is the high price, resulting in the lack of popularization of consumer grade market; the other is that the practicability of Smart Mirror needs to be tested by the market, said by Smart Mirror development Projection.

The Key smart mirror development projection issue.

The price is on the high side. Smart mirrors aggregate many functions and add many high-tech devices. At the same time, some smart mirrors adopt more advanced plane display screen, which leads to the product price that users can’t walk away from. As a necessity for every family, the price of traditional mirror is very close to the people. However, the smart mirror, which belongs to the same kind of mirror, has not changed its main functions, but only added some intelligent functions, but its price has turned over. This makes many users unable to accept it, especially at the moment when the smart mirror has not been accepted by users. Therefore, due to the factors such as price, the smart mirror is not qualified in a short period of time And to the consumer market. For example, Panasonic, a Japanese electronics giant, once launched a digital mirror targeting household users. However, because the price of this product is as high as 38000 US dollars, it can not be sold in the consumer market. Therefore, the company changed its route and aimed at enterprise users.

The practicability needs to be verified. From the perspective of the existing use function of smart mirror, many of its online functions can be replaced by a tablet computer. More importantly, the tablet computer also has the advantages of mobility, convenience and flexibility. Therefore, whether it is necessary to add a smart mirror or whether to buy a smart mirror or buy a tablet computer can achieve this goal To the problem of higher overall utility. Smart Mirror enterprises are constantly developing many functions to enrich and broaden the application of mirrors in various scenes. However, whether the functional applications in some scenes are practical and feasible is a problem that needs to be verified and weighed by enterprises.

Take the smart bathroom mirror for example. When users use the bathroom, most of them just do their own cleaning work, such as brushing their teeth for 3 minutes, washing their face for 5 minutes, and so on. The time spent in the bathroom in a day is very small compared with the whole time at home. Therefore, if you want to make full use of the smart bathroom mirror, it means that you need to stay in the bathroom longer every day, and even look at the mirror as a TV or tablet computer. Or put the mirror cabinet in the living room or foyer, every day when you go out, you can stand there to watch the news, listen to the weather forecast, etc. At the same time, many users rarely stand in front of a mirror to receive and receive e-mail, watch news, watch videos or even play games in their daily life. In fact, many users are more comfortable sitting on the sofa to do these operations in front of their tablet computers, mobile phones and TV. For the intelligent bathroom mirror linkage with other intelligent bathroom products, its operability is not high, because a smart speaker can completely replace.

Summary of Smart Mirror development Projection

With ten years of experience in the development,design of electronic products hardware and embedded software, Vercon has developed more than 5000 electronic application designs, and has provided advanced mobile app development, smart home system, electronic technology, electronic circuit design, PCB design, circuit board design, single chip microcomputer technology, intelligent control, embedded system, etc. We are looking forward to your visit if you have the intention of developing product scheme.

Smart magic mirror is the representative of the combination of Internet of things technology and artificial intelligence, automation, artificial intelligence of the Internet of things products have become an irresistible trend. In the future, it will be more comprehensive, intelligent and convenient into more and more people’s lives.

What is the smart mirror?

what-is-the smart-mirror-fucntion

what is the smart mirror?

We understand the meaning of a smart or intelligent bathroom mirror from two aspects.

1. Smart bathroom mirror is a mirror based on the Android system, which is equivalent to an interactive intelligent display, which combines the Android operating system with home decoration.

The main components of the mirror system are Android Tablet which provides an interface and RF proximity sensor to detect whether the user contacts the mirror. The mirror can display information without touching the mirror.

2. The mirror acts as a “one-stop” display for reading news, checking network traffic, leaving notes for family members, and tracking water use in the home. Users can browse different functions as long as they lean on their hands. This avoids touching the mirror with your fingers and contaminating it.

What is the smart mirror functions?

what-is-the smart-mirror-fucntion

1. Human body sensing function can sense the arrival of people and wake up the screen automatically.

2. Intelligent recommendation video, automatically recommend news clips, entertainment, politics, military, finance, etc. according to users’ preferences and settings.

3. Multi-user management, the user preferences of multiple users can be set at the same time.

4. Personalized application. The product has the function of body scale and skin detection. Through the real-time monitoring of body weight, reasonable fitness, and weight loss suggestions are recommended.

5. According to a personal skin condition, it is recommended to use appropriate cosmetics. We can also customize personalized applications according to the needs of customers.

What is the smart mirror advantage?

The bathroom intelligent bathroom mirror has a waterproof design, IP68 waterproof grade, and various installation methods. No matter wall mounted installation or embedded installation, it can meet your various customized requirements.

When the smart bathroom mirror is at rest, it is no different from the ordinary mirror, and it is used for dressing up; when the magic mirror is awakened, it is also an intelligent interactive platform and becomes your life housekeeper in a second. The bathroom smart mirror installed in the bathroom allows you to enjoy more intelligent bathroom time. The health management system in the smart bathroom mirror can carry out data statistics and Analysis on your blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, sleep quality, and other health indexes, and intuitively display the data to you by sending the data to the mobile phone.

An intelligent bathroom mirror can easily realize the linkage between various intelligent products, and create a smart home system. Products can be seamless docking to form a system. Such as intelligent switch, intelligent security, health planning, interactive entertainment, and other practical functions.

How to install the smart mirror?

The disassembly steps of the smart bathroom mirror are as follows:

1. take the intelligent bathroom mirror hanging on the wall first, put it on the bathroom cabinet, put foam, or other things under the bathroom mirror to avoid damage to the mirror.

2. Take a screwdriver to screw off the wire of the bathroom mirror connecting the terminal;

3. the first two steps have successfully dismantled the bathroom mirror. Next, you just need to put the bathroom mirror in a foam carton, so that even if the disassembly is finished.

What is the Smart Mirrors factory?

what is the vercon smart mirror

Vercon smart mirror, as a leading supplier and manufacturer of the smart bathroom mirror in China, was established in 2018. It has 6 dust-free workshops, with an annual output of more than 20000 units, and a leading domestic technical team.


At present, Vercon smart mirror includes an LED smart mirror, a workout mirror, a smart hallway mirror, and smart makeup mirror. Relying on the strong and perfect industrial chain advantages, vercon constantly improves product quality, develops product models, promotes industrial chain upgrading and optimization, and strives to become a world-class smart mirror supplier and manufacturer.


Since its establishment, the company has reached a strategic partnership with many first-class enterprises at home and abroad and has been unanimously praised by the majority of customers.


The future world must be a world of intelligent touch, and Vercon will continue to grow as a leading enterprise in this era.

what is the smart mirror technical data:
  1. size: 23.6”x31.5×0.78″ / 60x80x2cm
  2. Main Frequency: Quad-Core 1.8Hz
  3. CPU: Rockchip 3288
  4. Touch screen size:21.5” IPS
  5. Resolution:1920 x RGB x 1080
  6. Memory: 2 + 16G
  7. Wi-Fi/Bluetooth:  2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0
  8. Power input: 110 ~240V, 50/60Hz
  9. System: Android 5.1 +
What’s the Smart mirror’s future vision?

Looking in the mirror is no longer an ordinary thing in life. If the mirror in real life is like the mirror with magic in fairy tales, it will be an interesting thing. Recently, in the smart bathroom mirror scheme provided by what is the smart mirror,  this intelligent mirror which can detect health is really like the magic mirror in fairy tales, which can show you your health status when you look in the mirror.

It is reported that the reason why this kind of intelligent bathroom mirror health smart mirror was born is to detect common chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes as soon as possible. So that more patients can find and know early.

When the intelligent bathroom mirror scanning measurement is completed, the scanner will automatically transfer the data to the supporting app (both Android and IOS versions), so you can easily get all the details and save them. The more information you record, the more objective you will know about your physical condition. Whether it is the weight loss or the muscle added, there will be corresponding information displayed.

Through the measurement of the above data, through the comprehensive analysis of the app, we can know the physical condition at this time and give the corresponding score to tell the body at what stage. This intelligent bathroom mirror puts forward the corresponding suggestions to improve the health of users after data analysis, will this help you understand what is the smart mirror?

Today’s intelligent system is not only applied to mobile phones and tablet computers, more and more intelligent products close to life are emerging. Smart TV, smartwatch, and smart bathroom mirror appear again today, which is the embodiment of people-oriented technology. It is meant to integrate science and technology into life. Because we look in the mirror every day, it is very reasonable to integrate the health detection function into the mirror. I believe that one day, the mirror in the future will become intelligent. We can not only understand our physical condition in the mirror but also do more things with this kind of intelligent bathroom mirror.

How To Choose the Best Bathroom Mirror

How To Choose The Best Bathroom Mirror

How To Choose the Best Bathroom Mirror, as we all that, is the mirror that used for washing and grooming in our bathroom. And do you know what is a bathroom mirror? Or we can say, how much do you know about the bathroom mirror? How to choose the best bathroom mirror you need? After reading this blog, we hope it will help you to make the best choice.


How To Choose The Best Bathroom Mirror – bathroom mirror Appearance.

When choosing a bathroom mirror, it will be helpful to take more looking to observe the mirror from multiple angles, such as the front, side, and back. A good bathroom mirror should be smooth from the surface, with uniform light reflection, no color difference, and no bumps. The appearance and shape should be symmetrical, and the size and style should match the overall style of the bathroom scene. This is a very important step in selecting the best suitable bathroom mirror.

How To Choose The Best Bathroom Mirror- Smart Bathroom Budget and Functions.

Many people do not have a clear concept of the price range of bathroom mirrors. From the Chinese bronze mirrors 4000 years ago to a modern smart mirror, the functions and actual application scene have changed a lot, and the prices take a range from a few dollars to thousands. That’s why we should also focus on points following, to know more about different bathroom mirrors according to the budget and functions.

How To Choose The Best Bathroom Mirror – Common bathroom mirror.

It mostly refers to the mirror made of ordinary glass-like white glass, or clear glass. The backside is generally sprayed with mercury nitrate or mercury sulfate to save costs, but the stability of mercury is not good, and it is prone to oxidize and rust. The reflection performance of ordinary mirrors is about 70%, the shape and color are easily distorted, with its life short, and the corrosion resistance is poor. Therefore, despite the low price, fewer people use this kind of mirror in the bathroom, where they live mostly in less developed areas.

How To Choose The Best Bathroom Mirror – Bathroom silver mirror,

Maybe silver-plated mirror. This is the mirror using silver nitrate as the coating, which is not easy to oxidize and rust, and the physical and geometric reflection is more standardized. The silver mirror is used for decoration in places where the general environment is wet and in high-end decoration. Silver does not easily react with water molecules. It will not oxidize and change color and get a long service life. Therefore, almost all high-end products in the subsequent market are based on silver mirrors to make secondary development. With the current market standard size of 600mm*800MM, the price of basic models on the market is generally around $30 to $50 dollars.

How To Choose the Best Bathroom Mirror and LED bathroom mirror, is another type of product with LED lighting added to the silver mirror. The light is divided into lighting and supplementary light, and some mirrors can also be customized to adjust the brightness of the light as you like. After a bathroom mirror began to be powered, the anti-fog function slowly began to be integrated into the bathroom mirror. The Bluetooth module and temperature display became the marketing methods that the merchant did to increase the selling point of the LED mirror after the product was homogenized. This type of bathroom mirror currently takes the major market share, with a price range of about $80 to $500 dollars.

How To Choose the Best Bathroom Mirror or TV Mirror is the mirror or we can say some type of TV in away. Consumers have new functional requirements for bathroom mirrors, and it comes from people’s pursuit of high living standards. When the TV function is not turned on, it is the same as the ordinary LED mirror. After the function is turned on, you can watch TV programs while taking a bath. In recent years, TV Mirrors have been installed with a large number of high-end commercial consumer places, such as hotels and apartments. However, TV mirror has its downside in installation, needed to be reserved with the TV signal interface, with the thicker looking compared with that of the general mirrors. Most of them used embedded installation, and professional personnel is required in later maintenance. At present, the product is still used for many purposes, and the price is basically around $800 to $1200 dollars.

Smart Mirror, a high-tech product in the era of the Internet smart home, having a lighter and thinner appearance than TV Mirror, simple installation, Wi-Fi to connect, and a general sales price of more than 1,500 US dollars. Some Chinese high-quality products, like Vercon Mirror, maybe less than 1,000 US dollars with the world’s most complete industry Supporting. Some functions like weather forecasting, travel management, health monitoring, news, video, music, and other functions, make people life smarter and more efficiently. If the major manufacturers can unify the development agreement for smart mirrors, then any products can be connected with the smart mirror, remote controlling of home appliances, curtains, and other equipment, to realize human-computer interaction and obtain more of the Internet of Things(#IOT).

To sum up, the right option for you mostly depends on your own budget, the size of the smart mirror you want to build, and the style of your mirror, or can be said what other functions you want to get. Take a closer look at the different options you have, so you can make the right choice for your bathroom mirrors. Vercon Mirror( also supplies you with more different choices in Hallway Mirrors, TV Mirrors, Gym, or Workout Mirrors, to enhance people living with an efficient and elegant way. (check these options in the list of recommended Vercon mirrors)

More information about How To Choose the Best Bathroom Mirror
Do you want more information about the Vercon smart mirror? Then I advise you to consult the Vercon website. You can find more details here. The Vercon mirror is also for sale at Amazon now.

how to choose the best bathroom mirror
adjustable LED light smart mirror


Led Smart Bathroom Mirror

Led Smart Bathroom Mirrors

Led smart bathroom mirror is particularly popular because they use lights behind the mirror to create a subtle, but useful, glow that can light your bathroom in subtle ways. While built-in led light or led strips are very beneficial, Vercon LED smart bathroom mirrors are probably the most helpful type on the market today.

Led strip for smart mirror
Led strip for led smart bathroom mirror

Vercon Smart Led bathroom mirror

use the imported led strip, to secure the led smart mirror match the highly water-proof standard – IP65. Even you can spray on the mirror, you led lighting mirror always safe and stable.

Similar to many LED mirrors, the Vercon smart led vanity mirror doesn’t require a separate electric charge.  the nice of the led strip is that they don’t need as much as electricity as traditional lighting. thanks to the smart mirror apps and OS, the smart vanity led mirror is an energy-saving product for the home.

Adjustable LED smart mirror
adjustable LED light smart mirror

Led Smart Bathroom Mirror is stable?

LEDs are also the most energy-efficient way of smart lighting a mirror, saving you money off your energy bill, and doing your bit for the environment at the same time. They also have a far superior lifespan. The average LED has a lifespan of roughly 70,000 hours, some 42 times longer than a traditional incandescent strip.

The LED smart bathroom mirror will provide a delicate yet enough light to sustain your needs. It is ideal for shaving, putting on makeup, or doing things that requires a sufficient amount of light. … The use of angled LED light to make the best effect.

2 Adjustable light LED smart Mirror
Adjustable LED Light smart mirror

How Big of Led Smart Mirror for your bathroom?

As a rule, the led smart vanity mirror should measure several inches less than the vanity or sink area. For example, if you’ve chosen a 48″ single sink vanity, you will want to select a mirror that’s the width (frame included) doesn’t exceed 48 inches. To make sure the mirror doesn’t overpower the room, aim for 42-44 inches total, the touch screen of the smart mirror ranges from 15.6 inches to 23 inches.

fog free smart mirror
smart mirror with auto-defog function
Can I DIY a smart led bathroom smart mirror?

Well, technically you can, of course. But the point is that you shouldn’t. Led smart Bathroom mirrors are different from regular mirrors in several ways. … This includes everything from the bathtub and toilet seat to the sink, windows, shower door, and well, you guessed it. As we know, the bathroom always with high humidity, after a long shower, even you can find out the drops from the glass or mirror surface. DIY smart led vanity mirror might not meet the standard and easy to cause shot-cut electricity problems.

Should we have a led frameless smart mirror?

Frameless mirrors are a popular choice in bathrooms for a few likely reasons. One is that they tend to be less expensive while often still quite stylish. … Frameless led bathroom smart mirrors to work most easily in contemporary or modern and minimalist spaces without a lot of busy decors.

Frameless led smart mirror

Most led vanity smart mirrors are manufactured to a thickness of 1/8” – 3/16” and ¼”. To obtain the best quality of true undistorted reflections, always use ¼” thick mirrors. Using mirrors with thicknesses less than ¼”, particularly when affixed to a wall, will most certainly provide a distorted image as the wall is not perfectly flat. Vercon led vanity smart mirror is 0.78″, the thinnest smart mirror in the world, perfectly match your luxury home decoration plans.